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"It looks grrrrreat!" -- Kim G, Union Springs, AL
"An amazing job ... Thanks!" -- Jason S, Lake City, TN
"Very impressive" -- Julia P, Atlanta, GA
"Exactly what we wanted!" -- Doris J, Montgomery, AL
"Very professional" -- Ryan B, Tampa, FL
"Looks great!" -- Joe L, Athens, GA
"I love what you have done with the website! It looks really
awesome :) Thank you!" -- Christle P, Murfreesboro, TN
"It looks great. That's just what we were looking for" -- Michael W, Montgomery, AL

Shiny New Hrududu band website | Conecuh Springs Christian School | Adams Pecan Online | Pope's Real Estate | Will Sledge Ministries | Bulldog Sporting Goods | Legacy Leadership Ministries | Gamma Beta Phi - Midsouth Region | CAUTION Youth Group | Wares Ferry Road Elementary School | Old JTWD web site | This web site | Sample teacher's class page

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Client sites

If you like the look of one of these, your site can have the same form but with your own organization's unique touch. This section will have more sites added soon.
Shiny New Hrududu's official website. A graphic intensive site, this site exhibits what JT Web Design can do aesthetically. The color schemes and graphics were all custom designed by JTWD to fit the "feel" of the band. All album cover art and humorously altered photos were also done by JT Web Design. With simple yet stylish navigation and plenty to look at, this is JTWD's best work yet. Click to see the site in full functioning size
Conecuh Springs Christian School. This site was created to look professional, informative, and sleek. Using school colors modestly allows an overall feel of uniqueness and subtlety. The photo at the top right corner of each page changes randomly each time you go to a different page on the site, creating interest and attention-grabbing pizzazz. Click to see the site in full functioning size
Adams Pecan Online. This site features a custom online merchandise ordering system and an array of custom designed graphics. Keeping the layout simple allows color to spice up the website without being overbearing or busy. This site shows how a simple design can have a high impact when implemented correctly. Click to see the site in full functioning size
Pope's Real Estate. This site is a redesign of the original site which was simply too boring and uncolorful. The new, colorful site features an up-to-date listing of the properties available by the company, and a very unique feature: during the month of December, the logo on the main page automatically changes to a "Christmasy" version (click here to see it), and around the 4th of July, it automatically changes to the "patriotic, fireworksy" logo (click here to see it). The extra logos were designed and created by JT Web Design, and your site can have the same option, which adds a great touch at any time of year you want! Click to see the site in full functioning size
Will Sledge Ministries. This site was developed according to numerous specifications given by the client. Everything from their own pictures to the tattoo on the singer's arm were incorporated. This site is a case study in the effectiveness and value of having a high-quality web site; the site has received hundreds of hits in its first few months, and the band's schedule has become packed since the online booking form was added to the site! Click to see the site in full functioning size
Bulldog Sporting Goods, Athens GA. The site's color scheme reflects the same UGA theme found in the store itself. Simple navigation helps surf through numerous sections, and a Flash intro animation brings life to a colorful but otherwise static page. The products on the site are always up to date, and custom-designed graphics keep the site's unique appeal fresh and uncluttered. Click to see the site in full functioning size
Legacy Leadership Ministries. All of the graphics for this site were custom designed by JT Web Design for the group. Using a "notecard" feel for the content kept the information uncluttered but not boring. A simple navigation menu clearly lays out the entire site for visitors, and seamless integration of the logo into the page design gives the page a professional look. Click to see the site in full functioning size
Gamma Beta Phi - Midsouth Region. Vector-based graphics and finely tuned shading, fading, and color coordination gives this site a very professional and high-quality look. All-custom graphics, a tabled flowchart, and a fully functional Message Board show off just a few possibilities offered by JT Web Design. Click to see the site in full functioning size
CAUTION - The Macedonia Baptist Church Youth Group. The site is themed with "Caution" images, and includes a great flash intro complete with sound (might take a few seconds to load). Click to see the site in full functioning size
The Official Wares Ferry Road Elementary School web site. The site includes a strong gold & blue color theme for the school colors, custom designed banners for every page, including the panther logo, & a very simple, informational design. Click to see the example in full functioning size
The old JT Web Design site includes many custom made images and a very clean cut look for easy navigation. The old JT Web Design site
This Web Site. This web site is a great example of what JT Web Design can do for you. The look is simple & clean, yet still unique & eye-catching. You are already viewing this site
This site was made for a group of teachers as a sample page for their classes. Very simple & colorful layout, with everything being self explanatory. Click to see the site in full functioning size

More to come . . .