JT Web Design Prices

"How much is it gonna cost me?"

     The most important thing to remember is that these prices are just for you to estimate a project's cost on your own. However, you won't know how many hours your site will take, so it's a guess at best. The best thing to do is use the Quote / Info Form to find out exactly what you can get for your specified budget. Most clients prefer to declare their budget and just get "the best they can afford", which ensures that you won't pay more than you want, but you will get the most bang for your buck. Also, prices can be negotiable depending on the specifics of your site.

Pricing information for: businesses and specials for churches and schools.

Business Web Sites
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Base setup fee:$
Hosting fee:$ / month
Domain Registration:$
Hourly work rate**:$ / hour**
Updating info at request:$ / hour
Redesigning at request:$ / hour
Included in the Business Site Package is:
  • Your own domain name (www.YourBusinessName.com)
  • Unlimited sub-domains (ex: services.YourBusinessName.com ...)
  • Unlimited email addresses (ex: John@YourBusinessName.com)
  • Unlimited disk space for files, images, etc.
  • Unlimited data transfer limit
  • Unlimited number of pages on your site
  • Unlimited number of images on your site
  • Unlimited number of links on your site
  • FTP Access (remote file loading)
  • Ad-Free web site
Click here for info on miscellaneous cost items that you may be subject to under certain circumstances.


Special Discounts

School Web Sites

Church Web Sites


Hourly Work Rate

      ** The $ charge per hour worked includes only the time actually spent in the development process. Waiting for communication, and other non-development activities will not be included in the total hours worked.
     If a job requires driving for meetings to review/plan/etc., standard mileage charges will apply.


      The only charges and/or fees not noted elsewhere that you may be subject to are as follows.
     If you already have a website, and you want JTWD to redesign or update it, it will most likely need to be moved over to my hosting company. This process SOMETIMES involves a fee, set by your current host. If this fee is involved, I only charge you what I am charged to switch the site over to my host.      If you ever want to move your site away from JTWD, there could be a similar transfer fee involved to move your stie's files to another host or to move your domain name's registration.