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Before you start a web site, you need to know you can afford what you want. Using the Quote / Info Form, you can request more info and an estimated quote on what the web site that you want will cost. Most clients prefer to declare their budget limit and just say "give me the best I can afford with that much". This ensures that you won't pay more than you want to, and also that you're getting the most bang for your buck.

First, there must be an idea about how you want your business or personality portrayed on your site. At this time, we can discuss the project to determine the specifics (number of pages, animations, etc.) that you want to see on your site. The amount of time for different web sites will vary, and will be estimated as well as possible. Based on your requirements, we come to an agreement on a maximum price for the development of your site, including all applicable fees, so you know and approve of the project cost in advance. A price can be somewhat estimated by referring to the pricing section, although it can't tell you such things as how many hours the process will take. JT Web Design will do its best work within the price boundary you agree to, so you know you'll get the maximum return on the money you're willing to spend.

Site Design & Development
Once the planning is complete and there is an understanding of what is expected of the web site, design and creation begins. Unlimited graphic designing, text development (tables, etc.), Javascripts, and Flash animations are available to give your site more visual appeal and a professional look. For graphics, many options are available: custom made company logos or other images, backgrounds, scanning images, Imagemaps, animated logos, animated banners, Flash animations that load quickly and look very professional, Javascript tricks to make images change when the mouse rolls over them, perfect shading so that the images flow seamlessly into pages, and more. Once JTWD develops your web site according to the orignial specifications, you may view it on a private site for review and feedback. This can occur as many times as is necessary to suit your expectations.

Site Hosting
JT Web Design will publish your site to the net, meaning you don't have to have a computer set up to constantly run your site. Usually, JT Web Design uses Geocities as a server, because they allow for very generous disk space, high bandwidth, and the best cost-effective price for what you get. You also can have your own domain name ( and email addresses for your business site (ex: For hosting, you will be paying a low monthly fee to Geocities (or any other server you prefer, but JT Web Design suggests Geocities). Fees for publishing are stated in the pricing section.

Site Promotion
If you're looking for maximized traffic to your site, JT Web Design's promotional campaign registers your web site to major Internet directories and search engines, so your web site always stays near the top of the search lists. If you want a personal or family web site, perhaps you don't want search engines to turn up your site. It's all up to you. Fees for search engine submission are also included in the base setup fee and are stated in the pricing section.

Site Maintenance
To attract your potential customers to visit and revisit your web site, you have to keep it up to date. There are certain times when updates are needed:
  • New Products/Services
  • New Address/Phone Number
  • New Store Locations
  • New Promotions ... etc
Every web site needs to be changed from time to time, both for customer appeal and to make sure the search engines don't forget about your site. You may want to give your entire site a new look after a while. With your specifications, JT Web Design can update your site as often as you would like. Information on pricing for updating and redesigning a web site can be found in the
pricing section. There's also an option of taking time to learn how to update your own site to save time and money in the future. It's all your choice.

Site Improvement / Redesigning
If you already have a web site, and want to improve it, JT Web Design can provide this service. Your site will be examined, and suggestions will be made on how to improve it. The base setup fee will not apply to sites that only need to be redesigned, since the site actually exists already, and just needs to be changed. However, since JT Web Design will not be collecting any money up front for the process, the hourly rate for redesigning is slightly higher than for regular site development.

Internet Consulting
Ask! You don't have to be an Internet expert. JT Web Design has answers for your web site questions.